Cleaned up

Cleaned up the comments section. Will be working on the forums next. Lets set up a day to all get on the server and hang out. I’m open to Friday night maybe or maybe tomorrow night.


Teamspeak is back up at Sorry for the down time.

Back up

It’s official we are back up and going. I’ll be playing on there some today. Right now we have no admin mods or bukkit mods we are just running the mods that are SMP compatible mods from technic pack. You will have to use the Technic pack SMP installer on a fresh copy of minecraft for it to work properly. Here is a link to the client installer. Have fun!

Quick update

Here is a server status update. Mods that I want to run are starting to come out for 1.8.1. So…. I am currently working on building that server. I have tossed out the idea for now of using bukkit and going with just a modloadermp server for the time being in a hope to get it up quicker. Right now the only must have mod I’m waiting on to help fill my new vision for the server is Red Power 2. There is a pre-release already but none that are smp compatible. Current word is a couple of days. Right now here is a list of mods I would like on the server. Please post any more and i’ll see about adding them

-Build Craft
-Red Power
-Teleport pipes
-Mo’ Creatures

Added in when they are working
-Industrial craft 2


*Please, don’t consider this spam, anyone!* This post is directly talking to Casper, but it’s fine if anyone leaves comments. Now, I’ve been on the server almost everyday, and I still can’t place blocks. Please don’t get me wrong, I understand you are a very busy person, but please, resolve the issue asap. I want to build things and use toomanyitems ūüėÄ Just to let you know we are waiting on you too fix it.



-HiiGZ <3

Saving issue

The server is having some saving issues. We are going to do a stright 1.8.1 server for awhile  just to get everyone back until I can get the server tweaked right.

Back up and going

We are back up and going. Server can be found at If you can’t connect with that one right now the temporary IP is We are running version 1.7.3. Things are very rough right now. Still adding and tweaking things. Feel free to come join us. Pre-modded client is here Unzip into your minecraft folder. This zip file contains a modified minecraft.jar and the mod folder with the mods already thrown in it. The minecraft.jar also contains the HD texture pack mod, the Convenient inventory mod, and TooManyItems mod. See you soon!

Coming Back?

Toying with the idea of bring oberon back, comments?

The end is near!

It is with a sad heart that I make this post. Due to time restrictions and other financial obligations that have arose recently I feel I am unable to pay for and maintain the server.

On the financial side, $45 is a fair amount of money per month for the server. Donations helped offset this cost some in the past but we have received none in the last two months. Even so, I do not want to have to relay on donations to pay for the server.

On the time side. With recent things going on in my life, I have had no time to even sign on to make sure the server is still running, let alone do anything meaningful. In the near future I see me having less, not more time. Between work, my dad, and my church duties it leaves little free time. On top of this I do have a vacation coming up this month in which I will be completely unreachable for a week and a half.

Despite this, I may yet decide to keep the server, though unlikely. I have even toyed with the idea of running a small one that is white list only on my local connection. I have made so many wonderful friends on Minecraft and I do not with to lose them. I will have the final decision post here no later then Wednesday, the last day before my vacation.

Should the server close, I will post the current world file, plugins, and all files needed to run it for any who wish to use them. All I ask is that if you do use these files you please credit me for putting the package together and that you do not use the Oberon name by itself. There are plenty of other moons to name a shard after :). Or maybe The Oberon Phoenix project.

To those asking about my Dad. He is doing well. The treatments are not as bad as we have feared but he still has a very long road ahead of him. He will be doing the Chemo and radiation for another two months, 5 days a week. Then he will do just the Chemo for another 6 months after that. His spirits are low but we are doing our best to keep them up. The idea that he will have his second grandchild (he’s hopping for a girl) has given him something to look forward too. I pray that it is enough. Should the treatments fail or he lose desire to continue them there are no other options left open.

YouTube Links

Finnished uploading a video of me and Nessmen blowing up Madwand’s store. Incase you missed it, here is the channel:¬†

My YouTube channel:

Nessmen’s YouTube Channel:¬†